DSO 殼牌 DIY 套件

DSO Shell DIY Kit

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DSO 外殼是用於 0-200 KHz 帶寬 DSO 示波器的 DIY 套件。它是您生活中製造商的完美套件!


顯示器和 MCU 現在安裝在同一塊板(主板)上,以避免使用板間引腳。來自 DSO138 用戶的反饋顯示,許多初學者經常會遇到針頭焊接問題。模擬通道放置在包含大部分需要焊接的組件的分離板上。這樣可以更好地分離模擬和數字電路。沒有模擬部分,主板實際上是一個通用控制板,可用於許多其他應用。主板完全焊接(除少數通孔部件外)並在包裝前經過工廠測試。


DSO Shell 具有完整的機箱。前面板和頂部 / 底部支架非常靈活,便於用戶修改。




DSO Shell 的解決方案已經從 DSO138 的解決方案延伸出來。它達到 5mV / div - 20V / div,而 DSO138 僅能夠達到 10mV / div - 5V / div。這使得可以查看更寬的測量結果並擴展 DSO Shell 的應用。


DSO 外殼套件具有預先焊接在模擬板上的所有 SMD 部件,並留有通孔部件供用戶安裝。


DSO 外殼運行在 9V(不要使用高於 10V 的電源電壓!)電源。用戶需要準備自己的電源,因為它不包含在套件中。主板上的電源插孔接受標準的 5.5mm / 2.1mm 直流插頭。備選 2 針連接器(0.1 “節距)也提供了方便連接到不同的電源。




  • 假設用戶具有足夠的焊接和故障排除技能來組裝 DSO Shell 套件。買家應該被告知,由於這個套件的性質,我們可以保證組裝好的產品能夠正常工作;然而,我們將盡我們所能去實現這一目標。


  • 在收到這些工具包後,請用戶使用適當的電源檢查主板和 LCD。如果發現問題或損壞,請立即向您的賣家或 JYE Tech 報告。


  • 對於 15003K 套件,需要 SMD 元件焊接技能。 SMD 零件應安裝在所有其他通孔部件之前。




重量 GW 178.5g
電池 排除
頻道數量 1
模擬帶寬 0 - 200KHz
靈敏度 5mV / Div - 20V / Div
靈敏度錯誤 <5%
解析度 12 位
輸入阻抗 1M 歐姆
最大輸入電壓 50Vpk
最大實時採樣率 1Msps 的
時基 10us / Div - 500s / Div
記錄長度 1024
觸發模式 自動,正常,單一
觸發器類型 上升 / 下降沿
觸發位置 固定緩衝區大小的 1/2
液晶顯示器 2.4 英寸彩色 TFT LCD,分辨率為 320 x 240
電壓 9V DC(可接受 8-10V)
電源電流 120mA @ 9V
尺寸 115 毫米 X 75 毫米 X 22 毫米
重量 100 克(不包括電纜和電源)


DSO 外殼套件,帶有預先焊接在模擬板上的 SMD 零件 1
BNC 夾電纜 1
用戶手冊(英文) 1


The DSO Shell is a DIY kit for the 0-200 KHz bandwidth DSO oscilloscope. It is a perfect kit for the makers in your life!


The display and MCU are now mounted on the same board (mainboard) to avoid using inter-board pin-headers. Feedback from DSO138 users have shown that soldering on the pin-headers are often problematic for many beginners. The analog channel is placed on a separated board which contains most of the components that need to be soldered on. This brings in better separation between the analog and digital circuits. Without the analog portion, the mainboard is actually a general purpose control board that can be used in many other applications. The mainboard is fully soldered (except a few through-hole components) and factory tested before packing.


The DSO Shell comes with full enclosure. The front panel and the top/bottom brackets are flexible to allow easy user modification.


A rotary encoder has been added to the design as well. This allows parameter adjustment to be much quicker and easier.


The resolution of the DSO Shell has been extended from that of the DSO138. It reaches 5mV/div - 20V/div while DSO138 was only capable of 10mV/div - 5V/div. This allows for much wider measurements to be viewed and extend the applications for the DSO Shell.


DSO Shell kits has all SMD parts on the analog board pre-soldered and leaves through-hole parts for user to install. 


DSO Shell runs on a 9V (do not use power voltage higher than 10V!) power supply. Users need to prepare their own power supply as it is not included in the kits. The power jack on the mainboard accepts standard 5.5mm/2.1mm DC plug. Alternative 2-pin connector (0.1"pitch) is also provided for convenience to connect to different power sources.


Note (Important)

  • It is assumed that users have adequate soldering and troubleshooting skills to assemble the DSO Shell kits. Buyers should be advised that due to the nature of this kit we can guarantee the fully assembled product will function; however, we will make as much efforts as we can to reach that goal.

  • After receiving the kits users are urged to check the mainboard and LCD by applying a proper power supply. Report immediately to your seller or JYE Tech if a problem or damage is found.

  • For the 15003K kit SMD component soldering skills are required. SMD parts should be installed before all other through-hole parts.

Technical Details

Weight G.W 178.5g    
Battery Exclude
Number of Channel 1
Analog Bandwidth 0 - 200KHz
Sensitivity 5mV/Div - 20V/Div
Sensitivity error < 5%
Resolution 12-bit
Input Impedance 1M ohm
Maximum Input voltage 50Vpk
Coupling DC, AC, GND
Max Real-time Sampling Rate 1Msps
Timebase 10us/Div - 500s/Div
Record Length 1024
Trigger Modes Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Types Rising/falling edge
Trigger Position 1/2 of buffer size fixed
LCD Display 2.4-inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
Power Supply
Voltage 9V DC (8 - 10V acceptable)
Supply Current 120mA @ 9V
Dimension 115mm X 75mm X 22mm
Weight 100 gram (not including cables and power supply)

Part List

DSO Shell kit with SMD parts on analog board pre-soldered 1
BNC-clip cable 1
User Manual (English) 1